About Us

Welcome to our professional house shifting service. We are an established company that has been providing efficient solutions for house owners on the move for more than 15 years. There is no worse nightmare than having the opportunity to relocate to a new environment, whether as a personal decision or due to work demands, only to end up enduring losses in the process. Many homeowners have had to deal with the risk of not only damage to their house items, but also robberies and cases of theft. We are aware of the stress that many homeowners experience every time they find themselves in situations that requires them to relocate, and it even gets trickier when the relocations involve long distances.

That is why we found it useful to start a house shifting company and take this worry from every homeowner. Some years ago, house shifts were commonly described with words like risky, ineffective, disappointing, and other discouraging words that caused major heartaches to homeowners. However, today the situation is far much better, thanks to the rise of efficient companies like ours.

For 15 years now, we have been making things easier for homeowners by offering them a reliable solution in their moving process. Over our 15 years of service, our company has grown to be the most successful hose shifting service in the region and even beyond its borders. We are the perfect team to engage in your moving process. We provide solutions for both residential and commercial shifts and promise that your goods will reach your new destination in the same condition as we dispatched them. We are also aware of the value that you have for each of your house items and provide a service that guarantees that even the most delicate of your possessions are safe with us. Whether it is your glassware or other antiques like paintings and so on, you can be sure to encounter zero damages with our team.

We began as a neighborhood service, providing efficient shifting solutions for residents in the neighborhood, but we have expanded to be one of the best companies in the country. Whether you are thinking of relocating to the next house in your building, or moving from one corner of the country to the other, you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

Besides local and regional shifts, we have also ventured in international moves, and we are now offering solutions for individuals seeking to start life in foreign lands. We are fully licensed to cater to international travels and we will make your shifts to other countries easy and stress-free. Our professional team is also trained in the best practices in the field, and with the incorporation of our efficient technology, you can be sure of a smooth and stress-free process.

We plan to be the most successful house shifting service in the globe, and by the look of things on the ground, our prospects are well on their way to being a reality. Whatever concerns you may be having regarding your planned house shifting activity, you can rely on our effective team to work with you all the steps of the way guaranteeing you of a successful process.

Why We Are The Best Moving Company in Dhaka?

We are the best house shifting service in the region having been in the field for many years now. We train our workers to ensure they provide professional services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our many years in service have provided us with the required experience to provide quality services to our clients. We are conversant with the set regulations for travel, so, working with us, you can be sure to have a smooth transition period.

No Hidden Fees!

Our prices are also very friendly, making it possible for you to enjoy quality shifting services without worrying too much about inflated prices. Our professional movers give a free quote depending on the number of goods you have, as well as the distance to be covered in your relocation. We are a transparent service and do not have hidden fees in our work. The initial quote we give you is a fair estimate of the actual cost of our business. The price you end up paying at the end of service, more often than not, doesn’t differ too much from the initial estimate.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been offering home shifting services for long and provided efficient solutions to thousands of satisfied customers. We have had many positive feedbacks from our happy clients and have even been rated 5-star on YELP. If you are looking for an efficient team to work with, you can count on us to provide your desired experience.

In the case of Emergencies, no Problem!

Is your house moving a matter of emergency? You do not have to be stressed out concerning the issue. Our company has you covered. Sometimes the universe may hit you with an unplanned event that causes you to need immediate relocation. Our team can work within your limited time frame by providing you with an immediate quote to help you determine the cost of your relocation. We will then provide workers to begin your packing as soon as possible, and facilitate your shifting process. 

Best In-class tech

We also have the best technology and equipment in the field. You do not have to settle for inadequate services that work with low-level technology. Our company has the latest technology, making your house shifting experience as easy and efficient as possible. From our transportation vans to the high-level packaging boxes, we have the perfect equipment to ensure the shifting process runs smoothly. We are aware of the high regard that homeowners hold their household possessions, especially fragile and delicate items like vases, glassware, and paintings. To ensure that everything remains intact and nothing gets damaged along the way, we use to employ the latest technology and equipment available in our field. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best house shifting service in the region by ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. We aim at providing a stellar experience for you by taking care of all your custom needs. After our engagement, you will feel compelled to recommend our service to your peers. We have provided efficient moving services for thousands of homeowners and look forward to continue the trend with more clients. Your house shifting process doesn’t have to be tedious and time-wasting. By relying on our service, you’ll be working with a tested and approved service that will leave you comfortable and settled at the end of the day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best shifting service in the region. Our customers have been satisfied with our service delivery, and we plan to continue having the same effect on even more homeowners. By growing to be the most reliable house shifting service, we plan to not only help house owners have a smoother moving experience but also provide job opportunities for the youth. This is by allowing them to work in our company, and helping them learn efficient skills for the industry. That way, everyone wins. We train our workers to be professionals, and in so doing, offer a better alternative for homeowners on the move.  

Services Offered

Our house shifting service has been operational since 2009. During that period, we have developed to be a major shifting service and we can cater to whatever shifting services you may be looking for. Below are the various categories that we deal with.

  • Local Shifts
  • Long-distance Shifts
  • International Shifts
  • Commercial Shifts
  • Antique and Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer long-distance shifting solutions?

We can assist in relocating you to new countries. Therefore, whatever your situation, we will ensure that your goods safely along the entire route to your new destination.

2. How are your Prices?

We do not aim to offer the lowest prices at the expense of quality service delivery. However, for the service we provide, our prices are quite competitive compared to other service providers.

3. How long have you been in service?

We have been operational for more than a decade. Therefore, we are experienced in our work and we deliver quality service.

Final Words

House shifts do not have to be stressful and risky. They may involve a lot of work and effort, but teamwork is the key. You do not have to walk the process alone. We are a professional team that has been providing quality solutions for home-owners for more than 10 years now. We are therefore experts in the field and we can make the process stress-free for you. Contact us today for more information about services and let us work together for a better shifting process.